In my free time, I am a Certificated Flight Instructor – Instrument offering flight training services in the St. Louis area. Contact me at matt@eyeflymd.com.

Services Offered

  • Flight Reviews
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Primary Flight Training
  • Instrument Rating Training
  • Commercial Flight Training


  • Commercial Pilot Certificate ASEL
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor-Instrument ASEL
  • Additional Endorsements: High Performance, Complex
  • Aircraft Experience: Cessna 172 (analog and G1000), Piper PA28 (Arrow, Archer, Cherokee), Cessna 182


Discovery Flight

New to flying? Check out this discovery flight as we cover some basics of flying, handling turbulence, tackling crosswind, and most importantly enjoying being part of the sky.


Here is a short compilation of the best and worse landings (so far) I have recorded on camera.

I have moved the information on aviation to a new website, EyeFlyCFI.com!

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