SightSync is an integrated technology stack consisting of an iOS app, scheduling system, OR organization system, CMR, document and media management system, communication system, and EMR for ophthalmology Refractive Surgery practices. The web-based utility will be available at

RSA inSight

     With Gurpal Virdi MD, I am leading the production of a video series covering educational topics aimed at patients of refractive surgery. The content can be found on ALL social media platforms @RSA_inSight and at


     VAULT is an AI-driven tool to accurately predict postoperative vault of the EVO Visian ICL™ (Implanted Collamer® Lens). The goal is to create an accurate, repeatable, and continuously improving machine-learning based tool for the prediction of post-operative ICL™ Vault using various imaging modalities (e.g., Ultrasound Biomicroscopy and Anterior Segment OCT). The models have been developed and are trained with data from refractive surgery cases in the United States at a high volume surgery center.

OptiCalc AI

     OptiCalc is an AI-Driven IOL formula that utilizes pre-operative imaging routinely obtained with biometry. These include the OCT and topography images from the ZEISS IOLMaster® and Scheimpflug images from the OCULUS Pentacam®. This novel, image-driven approach provides additional benefits for machine learning models beyond simply feeding algorithms raw numbers. Important anatomical relationships may greatly impact effective lens position and final refractive outcome.


     The PRFECT Test is an image-based machine learning project aiming to create an accurate, repeatable, and continuously improving tool for the prediction of corneal ectasia development. This will assist clinicians in the diagnosis of corneal ectasia as well as screening for refractive surgery candidates.

IOL Reference Phone Application

     IOL Reference is a website and iOS application created by Matt Hirabayashi MD and Gurpal Virdi MD that allows surgeons to quickly search for an FDA approved, currently marketed intraocular lenses (IOLs) that meet their needs and specifications. It is the only utility of its kind specific to surgeons in the United States. This resource also allows students and residents to learn more about the current lens options. IOL Reference is also part of the eyeSpace Ophthalmology iOS App.
     Additionally, this website will serve as an archive for storing high-quality and accurate information on IOLs for generations to come.
     The app database contains almost 10,000 individually cataloged lenses and is already continuously updated to include newly FDA approved IOLs, changes to current lenses, and corrections.
     Driven by a passion for education and refractive surgery, the two Mizzou ophthalmology residents are dedicated to created the best practical and educational tool possible.
     There are many more tools in development for eyeSpace including an improved interface for refractive outcome tracking and a forum feature.


     In partnership with Gurpal Virdi MD, EYESPACE LLC is a technology and machine learning consulting firm that aims to provide innovative solutions to ophthalmology problems.

Lectures/Speaking Events

  • VAULT: Image-Based AI Sizing Nomogram for ICLs, 3rd Annual Outliers Ophthalmology Meeting 2024
  • Discussing Experience with ICLs as both a Patient and Eye Surgeon, STAAR Surgical 2024
  • Beyond the White Coat: Entrepreneurship in Ophthalmology, Young MD Connect Live 2023
  • Cataract Surgery: Deep Dive Into the Basics, The Retina Academy


I am currently working on a variety of refractive surgery projects.

Peer-Reviewed Publications: 

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